Home Economics Education

About Home Economics: Discipline, Profession and Education

Home economics is an interdisciplinary field of study, having as its focus the wellbeing of people in everyday living in households and families.

People working in the field of home economics educate, take action and advocate to government, industry and the community in order to enhance the wellbeing of individuals and families, especially as it relates to food and nutrition, living environments and textiles.

Home economics professionals work in community health, in industry and as teachers in schools. Home economics professionals may specialise in, for example, families, food management, nutrition, resource management, consumerism, child care, aged care, textiles and housing. Home economics professionals perform a variety of tasks dependent on the setting and the area of specialisation.

Home economics education is about becoming independent, connecting with others and taking action towards preferred futures that support individual and family wellbeing. Through home economics education, students become empowered, active and informed members of society. Home economics education has the potential to play a major role in supporting young people to participate effectively in changing social, cultural and economic times.

If you would like to read more about home economics, associated professions and education please visit the national website www.heia.com.au

Studying Home Economics

The national website www.heia.com.au provides a list of education providers that offer the opportunity to study home economics. In Tasmania, the University of Tasmania and Tafe Tasmania both offer opportunities to gain knowledge and skills within the discipline of, or linked to home economics. Please contact these institutions for further information about their current education programs.