HEIA(Tas) is a Division of the national peak professional association for home economics in Australia—the Home Economics Institute of Australia Inc.

Membership of HEIA Tas is through the national association and entitles members to activities and support in Tasmania as well as national benefits.

Members include professionals from a range of settings, with the majority being linked to school-based home economics education.This core of home economics educators is complemented by a small but important group of home economics professionals who work in community organisations such as public health, nutrition and consumer affairs.

The Division supports the mission of the profession in Australia…to educate, inform, and to act as an advocate to government, industry and the community for families and households, so that individuals can make informed choices in order to enhance their everyday living.


HEIA (Tas) affairs are managed by an Executive Committee or Committee of Management whom reports to members at the Annual General Meeting, typically held October each year.

Vice President Karen Weitnauer
Secretary / Public Officer Jo Bracken
Minutes Secretary Mary Williams
Council Delegate Amanda Sutton
Julie Creed
Website Liaison Kellie Adams
Regional Convenors Rita Cawley / Jo Bracken (North)
Mary Williams (South)
VACANT (North West)

A number of other positions support HEIA (Tas) and are critical to the role of HEIA in Tasmania.

O’Malley Panel Rita Cawley (Chair)                
Marie Phillips               
NEAT Representative Karen Weitnauer
Tasmanian School Canteen Advisory Committee (TSCAC) Penny Furmage
Annette Emmett
Kellie Adams


HEIA (Tas) has had many wonderful advocates over the years whom during their time as patron worked closely with HEIA (Tas) to support the development of Home Economics teachers and raise the profile of Home Economics as a profession.

In 2015 HEIA (Tas) welcomed announced our patron Francis Underwood.


HEIA (Tas) has a long and rich history.

In the early 1990s, all state and territory home economics associations (not the teacher organisations) voted unanimously to establish the Home Economics Institute of Australia. The formation of this body meant that members join the national Institute and automatically become members of the Division in the state or territory where they reside. For a full history of the first 10 years of HEIA please read the 2005 special edition of the HEIA Journal.

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HEIA National

The Home Economics Institute of Australia is the peak professional body for home economics professionals in Australia.

HEIA represents the interests of home economists working in education, industry, community services, consumer affairs and family and household management. The Institute was established to:

  • provide a national focus for home economics and home economists
  • promote public recognition of the role of home economists
  • set professional standards for the practice of home economics and promote the professional standing of home economists
  • encourage and assist home economists with continuing education and professional development
  • encourage, initiate and coordinate research into areas related to home economics
  • cooperate and affiliate with bodies at a state, national and international level, concerned with the education and advocacy for families and households in their everyday living.

The mission of the home economics profession in Australia is to educate, inform, and to act as an advocate to government, industry and the community for families and households, so that individuals can make informed choices in order to enhance their everyday living.

Nationally HEIA comprises eight Divisions, one from each state and territory. The members of a Division are those members of the Institute who normally reside in that state or territory. For contact details for each division please visit http://www.heia.com.au/about-divisions

Each Division manages its own affairs to reflect the objectives of the Institute. In addition, each Division plays a strong role at the national level through representation on the national Council and through participation on nationally formed committees and task groups.

For more information on HEIA Inc. please visit the national website http://www.heia.com.au